How to promote Shopify store: 10 must-try traffic-driving Methods

How to promote Shopify store: 10 must-try traffic-driving Methods

2.14 billion! It’s the total number of online shoppers as recorded in 2021. With such a colossal part of the world shopping digitally, it has become a burning need to optimize your online store for more traffic. If you manage to drive even 1% traffic from 2.14 billion, it will be raining millions on you.

However, it is not less than a challenge. And to sort it out, I am here with a blog to get you acquainted with some insightful tactics on how to promote Shopify stores for more traffic.

How Traffic is linked to Shopify Store Performance?

Traffic is the essence of any e-commerce store. It is what drives sales and generates revenue for a brand. However, if you have just put time and effort into setting up your Shopify store only to wonder about a promotion later, it could be a bloodsucking fly.

So, whether you are just starting out or already running a million-dollar business, you will be able to make more conversions only when you are able to drive traffic to your Shopify store. 

From your 1st to the 100000th customer, you need to focus on Shopify marketing constantly so that your sales funnel runs in a full house. Be prepared in advance with an optimized site to welcome new visitors.

Result-driven Methods to Promote your Shopify Store

Promote Shopify store

The secret to bringing potential consumers to your Shopify store is in the light now. It’s all about how much your website is able to grab the attention of people. The more exposure your website gets from all means, the more fruitful will be the results.

Here are some great tactics that will get you quality traffic from all possible doorways.

Attract Organic Traffic with SEO

You would be surprised to know that one-third of all clicks go to the first results on the Google SERPs (Source: Search Engine Watch [1]). Imagine the expenses saved in paid Shopify advertisements if you rank well with good SEO. 

Promote Shopify store

It is all about getting into the eyes of your potential audience by ranking in the SERPs. Just fine-tuning your online store with SEO to improve your ranking is a sure shot to take. 

Here are some grounds you can improve on to drive results.

  • Optimize your store for mobile devices.
  • Ensure that your Shopify store loads faster than your competitor’s website.
  • Optimize key pages on your e-commerce store and ensure that they have tags and texts required by the search engines in indexing and crawling.
  • Add keyword-rich descriptions (content) to your product pages. Be mindful to NOT stuff keywords. 
  • Create content around your niche, including blog posts, video posts, and others.

These steps will help you immensely in your dire need of promoting Shopify store.

Upscale your Social Media Marketing Game

People are more active on social media nowadays than on any other platform. Businesses have been leveraging it as a bridge to prune the gap between their brand and the customer.

Promote Shopify store

For instance: Businesses utilize Instagram shops to advertise and sell their products. Many people even confessed that they found a new brand via Pinterest. This new online shopping experience has received immense love from the audience.

For your Shopify store marketing too, you can leverage social media to your best. Here’s how you can start.

  • Start by recognizing your potential audience on your chosen social media.
  • Engage with your followers via posts, live sessions, and other ways. 
  • Once you grow your brand community, establish a positive brand image that drives trust among your potential audience. 
  • Move ahead to promote your products without seeming pushy. 
  • Avoid making them sales and deliver value within your post. 
  • Ensure that in the whole process, you deliver what your customers expect from you. It will also enhance the word of mouth marketing without spending a dime.

To implement the above-mentioned strategies, start with a social media plan. Prep for the answers to questions like:

  • How many times will you post in a week/month?
  • What type of posts can help you grab more attention?
  • What’s unique are you offering on your brand account?
  • Will you use a formal/informal tone in your posts?

Working in alignment with a plan will keep you organized and focused. You can have your social media content repository beforehand, using which you won’t have to get all worked up on what to post next on your account. It will free you from the stress of promoting Shopify store.

Spark Interest with Content Marketing

A vital traffic stream is brought in by sound content marketing strategies for your e-commerce business. It includes posting blogs on your website, answering questions on Quora, guest blogging, and much more. If you haven’t started it yet, you are missing out on the benefits of this effective way to increase Shopify store traffic

Promote Shopify store

An effective content marketing strategy

  • Establishes you as an industry expert.
  • Displays credibility and builds trust among the consumers towards your brand.
  • Include top-quality content for PPC campaigns that attract new potential customers.
  • Boost the amount of organic traffic coming through optimizing your Shopify store with SEO.

There is a never-ending list of content marketing tips. The type of content that you can put forward to attract your potential shoppers can vary from social media posts, and downloadable e-books to podcasts and video content. Just make sure that you provide original and value-packed content to your audience for result-oriented Shopify marketing

Don’t limit yourself to basic industry content. Instead, do your research and include all the topics and resources that are connected to your business and will provide value to your customers.

Reach New Audience with Influencer Marketing

The past years have been a witness to the rise of influencer marketing. Influencers are the people who have a massive engaging audience on social media that have a sense of mutual trust. Several influencers on distinct social media platforms like Tik-Tok, Instagram, and others promote Shopify store and attract tons of online visitors to profile pages.

Promote Shopify store

Leveraging it to promote your store products can help you to drive conversions.

Wondering where to start? Read on.

  1. Set up a budget that will help you determine and segment the type of influencers you can reach out to.
  2. Commence by searching for influencers in your particular niche. Look out for the ones that not only have a good number of followers but think of quality over quantity.
  3. Make a list of at least 25 of them to elevate your possibility of responses.
  4. In most cases, You don’t have to actually pay them with money. Instead many influencers accept products as a way of payment.
  5. Prioritizing influencers with a highly segmented audience will help you drive better results.
  6. Brainstorm your content ideas with the influencer and agree on commitment as per a time period or a multi-post.

These steps will help you leverage the trust that the influencers have found with the audience for your Shopify marketing.

Stay In Touch with Email marketing

Email marketing is a professional way to Shopify promotion besides enhancing engagement of your store. It is a personalized form of marketing that builds trust with your new potential shoppers while keeping your existing customers engaged in your store.

Promote Shopify store

To leverage it, start by building a good subscriber list. You can offer incentives for the visitors to join the list by informing them in turn what they are signing up for. 

Once your list reaches an optimum number, categorize them so that you can customize your content for each segment. Abandoned carts can be best recovered with the newsletters sent to your subscribers.

Run Ads to Promote Top Products

Ad campaigns are a form of paid marketing. You can run highly targeted campaigns to promote your top products on Google as well as social media platforms. It helps you target your ideal customers, raise brand awareness, increase Shopify store traffic and optimize your sales.

Promote Shopify store

Let’s commence with Google ads [2]. These are the most powerful tools to drive traffic to your Shopify store. These ads have offered results as high as thousands of dollars in online sales in a few weeks. You can create them directly from Shopify and can target high intent customers with them. They generate traffic when someone searches for products online.

Social media ads are another way of enhancing your sales and brand awareness. For your information, Instagram ads are the fifth-best revenue source for Shopify stores. Pinterest ads gained the attention of 81% of customers in raising brand awareness. 

Facebook ads on the other hand are ranked in the top three ways of generating traffic to your online store. WhatsApp marketing is also playing a key role in generating sales with over 2 billion active users worldwide. You can send promotional messages, order updates, transaction messages, etc to your customers for updates and engagement.

Enroll for Google Shop Listings for Free Advertising

In 2020, Google launched free shopping ads [3] which offered the opportunity to merchants and shop owners to list their products for free through services across Google. It meant that the products would show up on the top of SERPs when one searches for them.

However, products that were fully optimized with product data have a higher potential to find a place in the free ads listing. So, you can leverage this free methodology to drive more traffic with Shopify marketing.

Collaborate with Relevant Brands for Increasing Market Share

Team up with brands that complement yours. It will help you leverage a new audience of your segment that you were unable to find out in the first place. Like-minded stores can even run contests together or give a shout-out to each other on social media for greater reach.

In case you are hustling to find partners to collaborate with, Goodcarts [4] can prove to be a great option for you. You can increase your own customer base and establish solid trust with your new potential audience.

Word of Mouth Marketing with Referral Program

A win-win way to increase Shopify store traffic is via a referral program. Your customers earn an incentive in turn of your brand getting more sales, subscribers, etc. It’s like a mutual benefit situation.

Promote Shopify store

Many people look out for recommendations from their friends and colleagues for a trusted source. By offering a clear referral program, You also need to ensure that your customers are fully aware of the program. 

To ensure this you need to send emails with the complete brief of the same. Do make it as easy and uncomplicated as possible so that your customers can use it and the referee can follow through.

Increase Sales with Discounts or Offers

Discounts and offers are like a magnet to every customer around the world. They give a boost to your sales number and are also a great way to grab new visitors.

Promote Shopify store

In exchange for exciting prizes, gifts, and more, you get your customer’s participation, attention, and even a sale on your store. 

Utilize tools like Woobox [5] and Gleam [6] to embed giveaways into blog posts or landing pages on your store. You can also share them on your social media platforms to open multiple doorways of entry for new visitors.

Brownie point: Top Sources of Traffic for the Industry

With answers to the sources that get you most of the traffic in your industry, you can increase Shopify store traffic. You can target your potential customers in an efficient way.

So, where are these wells of traffic?

60,000 Shopify stores were studied. Research later revealed that online stores attract traffic from the top six traffic sources. These were Google ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, and Organic and direct traffic. Let’s get you acquainted with each of them.

  • Organic traffic: When your store attracts traffic from Google SERPs, it is marked as online traffic.
  • Direct traffic: When your visitors use your store’s URL to visit your store online, it is counted as direct traffic.
  • Google ads: It is the traffic that you receive from an ad campaign you run on Google.
  • Social media ads: The traffic landing on your website from the ads you run on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Among all these six traffic sources, organic followed by direct traffic and Facebook ads are the most effective ones. Google ads, Instagram ads, and Pinterest ads are placed later consecutively in line.

Understanding which source brings you the most traffic, you need to start experimenting on them all. Once you reap results from all the sources over a course of time, you will be able to figure out what works best for your online store.

Moreover, if you have a tight budget, you don’t have to put money on it all for Shopify store marketing. Do some digging on your competitors to find out the platform that bestows the most traffic in your industry. It will help you filter out the unwanted options on the list. You can now move ahead with an answer on your table.

GET SET GO: Boost traffic, retain customers, optimize revenue

As things stand in 2022, the competition is heightened. It has become crucial to focus on everything that drives traffic to your Shopify store. I have listed all the methodologies on how to promote Shopify store that has the potential to give you real-time results.

However, if you feel difficult to pull all the above-listed chores, worry not. It’s time you get in touch with the Shopify experts and let them take care of it all. 

Mint Your Store offers the best Shopify SEO & marketing services to increase Shopify store traffic. They will open new doors to your store that will help you welcome more customers. Leverage their experience in the field and achieve an unbeatable outcome for all your investments.

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