Shopify Plus Script Editing Services

Get direct access to Shopify’s environment to create personalized experiences for your customers in their cart and at checkout.

Are you looking for a way to offer personalized experience to your Shopify Customers?

Shopify Plus Scripts are the perfect solution. They can help you build custom enhancements and rules for your store thus reducing cart abandonment, increase conversion rates and much more. Mint Your Store experts offer integration of various Shopify plus scripts like Shopify theme scripts, Shopify reseller scripts, Shopify discount collection scripts, Shopify cart scripts, Shopify checkout scripts etc into your store to enhance your customer’s shopping journey.

You’ll be able to offer discounts at any time of the day or week, send automated emails with product recommendations based on what they’ve viewed, and even provide free shipping when they spend over a certain amount of money! With just one simple integration service from Mint Your Store, these scripts will work seamlessly with your existing Store and apps without any extra effort on your part. Plus we’ll make sure it’s all customized to fit perfectly within the look and feel of your brand. It doesn’t get better than this!

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Mint your store Shopify Plus Script Services

Our experts are highly trained and have helped many merchants integrate their Shopify store with Shopify plus scripts to build powerful promotions and increase conversions

  • Dynamic Promotions

    Attract new customers by offering discounts and promotions. Provide them with a great experience thus increasing the sales.

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  • Boost conversions

    Enhance the customers buying experience by offering Promotions or customizations without the need for a discount code

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  • Integrated solution

    Scripts are designed to automatically scale with Shopify’s servers so you don't have to worry about support or maintenance headaches, especially during high traffic.

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Mint Your Store Empowers You With Shopify Plus Scripts

Run complex marketing campaigns without any third party app or create a custom reward or affiliate program for your store, Shopify Plus Scripts is a powerful tool that can transform an online shopping experience into what might sound like a real, shopping experience. And Mint Your Store is here to help you with it.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ’s)

Shopify Scripts are small pieces of code that allow you to create a personal impression and a good experience for your customers on their cart addition and exit checkout.

There are majorly 3 types of Shopify plus Scripts, Viz – Line item Scripts, Shipping Scripts, Payment Scripts
1. Line Item Script : Line item scripts impact items in a cart. It has the power to change their properties and prices. These scripts run each time a cart attribute is modified, such as adding or removing an item, or adding a discount code etc.
2. Shipping scripts : Shipping scripts allow changing a rate’s title, visibility, display order, and price. These scripts run each time that your customer goes to view their shipping options at checkout
3. Payment scripts : Payment scripts are a great way to customize your checkout process and increase customer satisfaction. They can be used for changing the title of any payment gateway, visibility, and display position.

Below listed are the few examples of Line Item Shopify Scripts,

  • Percentage (%) or fixed ($) discounts, or a combination of both
  • BOGO discounts with simple or complex logic (buy one get one free, buy two get 10% off, buy four get 20% off)
  • Dynamic pricing for volume-based price breaks
  • Tiered discounts by spending thresholds (quantity or dollar based)
  • Disallow discount codes during a promotion
  • Calculate Value-Added Tax (VAT) for European shoppersTo find more examples-

Below listed are the few examples of Shipping Shopify Scripts,

Below listed are the few examples of Payment Shopify Script

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