Migration to Shopify Online Store 2.0

we offer you hassle free migration to shopify online store 2.0.

Why should you migrate to shopify 2.0?

Migration to Shopify 2.0 can be risky as it can impact your store’s data and ranking. But when you hire Mint Your Store to migrate to Shopify 2.0, our team makes sure that all your online store’s products, inbuilt orders, existing customers, metadata, and other critical content gets migrated perfectly.

Mint your store has vast experience helping businesses move their e-commerce operations to Shopify 2.0 from various e-commerce platforms at a risk-free, fast rate.

Why Online Store 2.0 is the need of an hour for Shopify Merchants ?

An upgraded version strikes out the limitation of its predecessor and provides something more better that is capable of filling the void created by its old version, and that is what Shopify 2.0 has done with respect to Shopify.

Shopify 2.0 gives merchants better opportunities to enhance the customer experience by adding new features in the Shopify store. They have a wide scope to build a futuristic store that helps them satisfy and attract customers to our online store in this competitive market.

With Shopify 2.0, you can implement Sections on any product page, cart page, checkout page, or any other page. Select the “add section” option from the drop-down menu. The Theme app extensions with app blocks allow you to extend apps into themes.

Changes to meta fields done in Shopify 2.0 has helped create more adaptable, and standard meta fields: Images and PDF files are also supported by Metafields and can be integrated with meta field file picker.

Improvement in the theme editor has made it possible for developers to carve out highly optimized themes that can easily attract a large chunk of targetted users. With added additional checkout apps features, all merchants can now provide their customers with faster, better checkout processes.

All this proves that its right time to start bidding your horses on a match winner platform like Shopify 2.0. So what are you waiting for, just migrate to shopify 2.0 with help of MYS and get on the winning side.

Why Choose services to Migrate to Online Store 2.0 from Mint Your Store

Our team of experts follow a strategic migration process in which we carry out overall analysis of your store data and website collective group data, then setup objectives and create a strategy to oversee the migration and development with end to end system testing, deployment testing, staging and production cutover and finally performance testing.

  • Section implementation

  • Meta fields optimzation

  • App modulariy integration

  • Product and category listing migration

  • Migration of content pages

  • Liquid Input setting

  • Code Optimization

  • Load speed optimization

  • Zero downtime

We keep everything transparent and believe in open communication by providing you the best rates with reliable maintenance service. You can be assured that all your store data will get migrated to Shopify os 2.0 and you can see 10x growth in your conversions within a short period of time.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ’s)

The timing depends upon the data that involves overall product listings, blog content, user data, metadata and much more. So talk to our experts and get the details now.

It’s not possible to transfer security encrypted passwords, only customer data and records will be migrated.

Yes, our team of experts is well apt in carrying out the migration of categories from your old store to your new shopify store.

Yes we do provide maintenance upto a certain period of time once your store goes live and we handle the complexions you might face.

Shopify 2.0 is an updated version of shopify made by shopify team to give merchants better custom design functionality, improvement theme architecture and much more.

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